Life has taught me, "Pay attention to someone who cares and respects you even he already owned by someone. But it means that you're ready to face the worst. Rather than pay attention to someone whom you admired but he doesn't even care about you at all." I know I'm selfish and I'm just following my own ego. But as long as I feel the happiness purely, why should I let it go? Bcs your 20's begins with selfishness, right?

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Here's to a day with my #Clozette girls, talked about our upcoming project "hello.stylo". A collaboration between a designer, a fashion stylist and me? a fashion student. Clozette made us known each other.

I'm inspired by their style and personalities. And through this project, we could exchange our thought of fashion to make something new, at least for us. xx



"The rain's pouring so hard and the thunders scream louder. Yes, that's why the city where I live called the Rain City."
What's your plan for this weekend? Would you love to having a hair treatment just like what I had last week? Check this out if you're curious to know ;)

A little pleasure which can boost your mood up a whole day is having a hair treatment or simply just a manicure/pedicure at a salon. You know that girls just want to be pampered, right? (But not "always" of course, lol). Here, I'd like to say thank you to IRWAN TEAM HAIRDESIGN who just opened a Private Ladies Area which is so suitable for a hijabi like me!

A classic little corner called Private Ladies Area up there!

So I spent around two hours to enjoy the services at their latest private ladies area at IRWAN TEAM HAIRDESIGN Mall Kota Kasablanka. I chose L'Oreal hair spa, blow dry, and manicure for my Saturday treatment. I really love their homey, quite, and classic interior place.

So sorry that I didn't take the pics of me while having the treatment. I was really enjoy the treatment so I forgot to took out my camera XD

I got a warm welcome and the therapist helped me by explained anything that I asked. The treatment started from washing my hair using L'Oreal product. Then continued to finished the hair spa and started to had the manicure treatment using OPI product at the private ladies area. The therapist and nailist really did their job well and I'm totally in love with the final result even though they said that my hairfall looks so bad :'( (due to my laziness to take care of my hair, I'm sorry my lovely thin hair..)

And yap, you can booked your treatment (IRWAN TEAM branch, date, time, the stylist/therapist/nailist, and the services) through Minutes app. A new way to book your salon or barbershop treatment through online apps!

It's so easy to use and all you have to do is complete your personal information, book the treatment you want, and come to the place on time. Then check in and ask for the barcode to be scanned!

(Minutes app is available for iOS and Android)

IRWAN TEAM HAIRDESIGN Kota Kasablanka review:

Plus :
Comfy place, friendly staffs, professional, serviced by woman therapist, man-can't-enter area, various drinks are available

Minus :
Hair wash room for hijabi still not available

See you on my next review!



Welcoming 2017 and starting my first post on my month,
hello February!

FYI, I was born on February 4th '96, so it means I'm turning 21. I just left my 20th year behind and keep all the things in my memory. There were so many lessons to be learned. Living as myself who's a year older than two days ago, makes me think wiser and behave maturer.

I only have two big goals to be achieved on this year; graduated from uni and build my own clothing line. insya Allah, Aamiin..

Talked about my outfit, I realized that I love black more and more each day. I should wear at least one piece of black thing on my body. This color makes my mood boost up.