Monday Campus #OOTD


Hello, Monday!
Oh God.. as usual, I take a bus to go to campus every weekdays. And every Monday always be a hectic morning, I spent two and a half hours (normal time is one a half hours) on the way and only had one and a half hours in the class, because I came late. Hahaha. So I'm already at home at this time! And I decided to took my campus #OOTD hehehe. This is what I wear today, but without the sunglasses of course XD and with the different bag.

Headscarf : Gift
Striped top : unbranded
Vest & pants : vintage
Sandals : UP


Hijabella Time by Hijabenka


Finally I can update and share to you about yesterday event which was "HIJABELLA TIME BY HIJABENKA"! The most awaited event of this end of month! Ya, since I'm a loyal reader of Hijabella magazine, I registered myself immediately when they announced the event XD And Hijabenka is an e-commerce / online store which has speciality in Hijabi/moslem wear under www.berrybenka.com.

Actually I came to this event with one of my senior at campus, but unfortunately, she got sick at the D-day, so I went there alone (nevermind!). The event held at Kopi Legit, Pejaten Village, Jakarta started from 3 PM - 6 PM.
I met some inspiring people and beautiful + fashionable girls there. There was a talkshow about fashion, beauty, and also about e-commerce. We also got a tote bag and snack.
And Alhamdulillah, I got a reward as "Best Dress OOTD"! Not only me, there was another girl. So we both got a shopping voucher on www.hijabenka.com Yeay!  And there will be a surprise later in syaa Allah, just stay tune! xo

Talk Show with (from left to right) MC-Dwa Handayani-Thata-Hijabenka Crew
Hijab Tips by Tasya Gunoto
Opening by Diana Caroline (Hijabella Magz)
Bella (Puteri Indonesia Runner Up III)
Vienca (HijabellaFace 2014)
Chiki Fawzi
Langston Hues
What's inside the tote bag?


Winning Hijab Tutorial Contest by HijUp


I got a good news from few days ago. I joined a hijab tutorial contest by HijUp and I won! Alhamdulillah..
Actually I forgot that I joined that contest (so sorry). I don't know what's the criteria of the contest winner, I think that many girls who joined did a good job and wore the hijab more attractive, just didn't like mine which is so simple! But I should be grateful, right? I'm the one and only winner! So I got this "Elsa" hijab from HijUp by Meccanism by Zaskia Adya Mecca. Actually I don't really have a confidence to wear a hijab like this. But, let's give it a try! What do you think?
Thank you HijUp and Meccanism! xo

Elsa hijab : Meccanism
Blouse : vintage
Skirt : Dhiyaa
Shoes: UP




It's a good thing to do blog walking and knowing that my college schedule for today is canceled. Yeay!
And whenever I have a free day, I'll try to take pictures for the outfit post. So here's my look for today. Plus, I made these rings with chain! Yeah, I'm craving for this kind of rings since CL 2NE1 wore it! XD Because I couldn't find something similar to hers, so I browsed the DIY on Youtube and made it with the materials that I have. And I feel satisfied with the result!
Enjoy and have a good time xo

Headscarf: by ILS
Top: unbranded
Shoes: Yongki Komaladi
Bag: vintage
Bangles: local store at Pangandaran
Rings: by ILS



Happy weekend!

Headscarf, pants, bag: unbranded
Scarf as cape: Vintage
Shoes: Reebok
Photograph by Dinda HS, Edited by Ina LS



Just styling my newest piece from Something Borrowed. Part I!

Headscarf: unbranded
Pants: Zysku Xena
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Something Borrowed
Belt: Number 61
Bag: Charles & Keith


About T-shirts and What I've Bought From Zalora Indonesia


Hi, dear readers!

Haa akhirnya aku belanja baju online lagi nih. Setelah sekian lama mencoba untuk menahan dan mengontrol keinginan berbelanja (terutama baju), akhirnya aku order baju lagi di website langganan yang pastinya terpercaya, yaitu Zalora Indonesia! Siapa sih yang gak tau website yang menjual clothing paling lengkap ini?

Kebetulan aku gak hanya order satu baju nih, bahkan tiga sekaligus hehehe dan tiga-tiganya dari brand Something Borrowed! Kenapa sampai beli tiga? Yap, ini semua karena beberapa item clothing sedang SALE! Aku dapat dua baju yang harganya masing-masing IDR 80,000 dan satu lagi harganya IDR 72,000. Murah banget kan?

Aku juga gak pernah ketinggalan berita-berita ter-update dari Zalora, apalagi update-an tentang barang-barang yang sedang sale, gimana cara mendapatkan info ter-update dari Zalora? Caranya subscribe aja latest news-nya Zalora pada halaman web-nya, nanti Zalora akan mengirimkan latest news-nya via e-mail. Jadi pastinya kamu gak akan ketinggalan berita terbaru!

Yuk, kunjungi website Zalora Indonesia di www.zalora.co.id! Dan sekarang yang lagi in banget tuh produk-produk t-shirts nya nih (simply click the link) yang desainnya keren-keren banget! Ditambah lagi, jika kamu belanja di Zalora, kamu juga bisa mendapatkan GRATIS ongkos kirim ke seluruh Indonesia (S&K berlaku). Jadi lebih hemat dong? Pastinya!

Tunggu apa lagi? Klik website Zalora sekarang! Pilih produk yang kamu suka, lalu pesan, kemudian lakukan pembayaran dan jangan lupa untuk konfirmasi pembayaran agar barang yang kamu beli bisa langsung dikirim. Dan jangan lupa untuk subscribe berita ter-update nya Zalora Indonesia ya! :)

Love Zalora Indonesia dan selamat berbelanja!

These are what I've bought:

Mine is off white.




Finally an #OOTD post again XD
Make it simple, so here's my campus #OOTD! Whenever I stayed at campus from morning to afternoon/evening, I decided to wear something casual and simple just like today. Actually, this look is similar to the outfit of this post. hehehe Enjoy!

Headscarf: Gift
Shirt: unbranded
T-shirt: C59 (local brand from Bandung, Indonesia)
Pants: unbranded
Shoes: League
Bag: Joger, Bali
Bangle: Bling