Outfit, Windy, and Sunshine

The sunshine from these pictures tell you how warm and windy this afternoon. Love it!

Headscarf: Unbranded
Top: by ILS
Skirt: online shop
Shoes: Centro
Mini bag: Vintage
Necklace: Krisna Bali
Shade: Unbranded


A Collage of 70 Outfits

Just made a collage of my outfits from the outfit posts from this blog, total 70 outfits and I think it's not from the beginning.. Good night! xo


Eid Mubarak! 1 Syawal 1435H

Assalamu'alaikum, dear ladies and readers.


Alhamdulillah.. It's a sad thing because Ramadhan has over, but we should be grateful, right? Because Allah has gave us a chance to fast and ibadah on Ramadhan a whole month. And a new day just began.. We did Shalat Idul Fitri this morning. Every muslim loves Eid days! So here are some moments that me and my family did on this first day of Eid. Wish you have a blessed one with your big family! Barakallah :)

My little sister, sister, and me!

Oh how I love these people so much! Say hi to my family!

My family plus grandparents (my mom's parents)

Lontong by mom, so yumm!

Visiting my Aunt's big family and took a pic with my cuttie cousins

Instax moments!

Headscarf: by ILS
Tunic: Unbranded
Pants: Number 61
Bangle: Bling
Bag: Sister's

Once again, Eid Mubarak, everyone! xo


Simply in White

Simply in white.

Headscarf: Secondhand
Tunik: Unbranded
Pants: Number 61
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Something Borrowed
Rings: Chasya House


Eid Outfit Inspirations by ILS


Hello ladies, Idul Fitri already in front of the eyes. So I'd like to give you some inspirations for Eid outfits. So for these outfits, I don't wear the brand new outfits from head to toe, just combined the old and the new one. So here are some tips for you, ladies! :)

  • Let's combine our old neon outfit with an earth tone outfits, such as brown, green, dark blue, grey and so on.

  • Combine your skirt with a pattern blouse with similar color. And wear a bright color headscarf so it won't look monotone.

  • Wear your old long cardigan and combine it with skirt. Choose the colors which make you confident.

  • Not only long cardigan, you can also wear a batwing or an oversize cardigan with skirt!

So here are some tips from me. Play with your old stuffs, colors and patterns! I wish these tips may help you to choose what you're gonna wear on your Eid days! xoxo


"Shiney" Top by Nadjani Indonesia

Headscarf: Amira factory outlet
Top: Nadjani
Pants: Number 61
Shoes: Centro


Let's Being One of The Clozetters!

Assalamu’alaikum, dear ladies and readers.

Hello, how’s your days of Ramadhan going? Have you prepared anything for Idul Fitri? Before the day of Idul Fitri, let’s we do lots of ibadah on these last days of Ramadhan. I feel sad actually, because Ramadhan will leave us so soon L Barakallah..
By the way, I’m on my holiday of college life. When I knew that I have almost 3 months of free days, I thought and I’m still thinking about what should I do for these precious days? There are so many things I would like to do, such as making dresses, skirts, accessories, watch dramas and movies, going to somewhere that I’ve been never came before, and so many. And not forget to update this lovely blog xo

Then just a few days before Ramadhan, June 25th 2014, I got an honorable email from Clozette Indonesia team. It was an offering email for being one of their Blogger Ambassador. What? Ambassador? Woah it’s such a great opportunity, right? I feel so excited while I read the email even until now, and I also feel proud of myself hehehe *sorry for the narcissistic*. So I approved this offer willingly. This offer came when I’ve been uploading many pictures of my #OOTD and my recent purchases on this site. So, what’s the fun thing(s) about being the Ambassador? Let me tell you..
  1. You will have a feature section on the homepage of Clozette Indonesia
  2. You will have a dedicate profile
  3. When Clozette hold an offline event, the ambassadors will get the privilege to come to the event (term & condition apply)
  4. Your account will be promoted by Clozette Indonesia’s social media account.
  5. You will get a  privilege to come to an event which is held by some parties who have coorporate with Clozette Indonesia
  6. You will get an oppurtunity for being bloggers, when Clozette Indonesia have a prospecting client who is going to hold an online acivities.

And for me, the most awaiting one is the 3rd point hehehe because I love to come to an event and review the event on this blog and I’d love to make some friends through this opportunity. And I think that being the ambassadors mean you have to be creative, active, rensponsible, and the most important part is you should love it. Because when you do everything that you love, it will runs smoothly, right?
And also I could promote my blog, almost in all of the description of the pictures, I add my blog link. So I wish everyone who see and read it, they will come to my blog hehe.

Then, what is Clozette Indonesia? Please don’t mind, because I will tell you about Clozette in Bahasa.
Clozette Indonesia adalah jejaring sosial khusus untuk fashion dan beauty. Dimana user dapat meng-upload foto outfit of the day, rahasia kecantikan atau sekedar beauty kit yang digunakan. Tidak hanya foto, tapi kamu juga bisa menambahkan video di dalam lemari virtual-mu. Ya lemari virtual! Kamu juga bisa mengelompokkan foto-foto yang kamu upload sesuai dengan kategorinya. Tinggal menambahkan “Collection” dan namakan sesuai kategori yang kamu inginkan. Clozette juga sudah menyiapkan beberapa collection seperti “My Closet”, “Recent Purchases”, “Today’s Outfit”, “Hijab of The Day”, dan “Nail of The Day”. Kamu pengguna sosial media Instagram? Nah kamu juga bisa meng-upload foto ke Clozette melalui akun Instagram kamu. Ketika kamu akan mengupload foto ke Instagram, kamu tinggal mengetikkan hashtag #ClozetteID di bagian description-nya. Dan secara otomatis foto upload-an kamu akan muncul di collection “Instagram” lemari virtual-mu!
Ada video tutorial favorit kamu? Save it to you virtual closet too!

Selain yang disebutkan tadi, hal apa saja yang bisa kamu lakukan di jejaring sosial ini?
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Yuk Sign Up jadi member Clozette Indonesia sekarang! Selain kamu akan mendapatkan berbagai keuntungan, kamu juga akan menjadi inspirasi untuk para clozetters lainnya. 
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Let’s be one of the Clozetters! See you there xoxo


Sunday Style: Casual Playful


I can't believe that today is already 22th of Ramadhan, Ramadhan will leave us in a week and sadly I couldn't do full ibadah for the last 10 days because the periode time T_T But.. Alhamdulillah.. :)

Just have a playful and casual outfit today!

Headscarf: by ILS
Top: Matahari Dept. Store
Pants: sister's
Sandals: EZRA by Zalora
Bracelets: online shop
Watch: Casio


by ILS: Summer Kimono Outwear


Finally I can update my blog again, sorry for the late post, peace!
So here's a look about what I wore for iftar with my friends last Monday. By the way, I made this outwear by myself hehe it's so simple actually and I call it "Summer Kimono Outwear", because the flowers fabric reminds me of summer (not only spring).

Headscarf: Unbranded
Outwear: by ILS
Pants: H&M
Shoes: League
Mini bag: Bonic