Friday Friend: Meet Up with Adzkia


Wah Alhamdulillah.. Ramadhan is coming! How excited and grateful I am! So here in Indonesia, we're going to have our first day of Ramadhan is on Ahad/Sunday June 29th, in shaa Allah.
And about today, I did meet up with my friend, Adzkia, who just came to town from Solo, Central Java (a town where her campus is). We went to Mall Kota Casablanca. Just sight seeing and bought something she had been wanted. And before we went home, we had our lunch at Nanny's Pavillon Playroom. So here's some pics that we took. Good night!

 Photos credit to Adzkia


Wednesday Event: The Muslim Fashion Capital by Zalora Indonesia


I got an invitation of "The Muslim Fashion Capital by Zalora Indonesia" event, the event was hold yesterday, since the invitation was for two persons, so I ask one of my friend to join me. So here's a little part of the event. Enjoy, ladies!

Snack before the show started

Ria Miranda

Dian Pelangi

Zalia by Zalora
 The infamous beautiful young designer, Dian Pelangi

 With the cuttie sisters, Shireen & Darieen

Headscarf: Unbranded
Peplum skirt: DP by Dian
Belt: Number 61 / 61 Clothing
Shoes: UP
Necklace: by ILS
Bag: Unbranded


Tuesday Tutu Skirt: Tutu Skirt by ISH


Haa I'm so sorry that I've been missing for few days from this blog. I feel so lazy lately, and that's why I haven't take pics for the hijab tutorial too, aaa sorry once again x_x I hope you can wait for few days again, okay? Spread the love!

Headscarf: unbranded
Jacket as top: Indies Vintage
Sandals: UP
Necklace: Something Borrowed
Bangle: Bling
Rings: Chasya House

And this pair of sandal was my latest online purchase, silver sandals from Ezra by Zalora


Productive Sunday: Blue and Yellow Necklace

What a productive night! Just finished made this necklace, actually the colors are blue and soft yellow, but I think the yellow looks like a bit greenish, right? Hahaha. Maybe I'm gonna make some again in different colors later, yeay!
I'm going to take pictures of hijab tutorials as soon as possible, in shaa Allah. So please wait! xo

By the way, today is June 15th 2014. So, it means that me and B is having our 5th anniversary, yeay! But we're not celebrate it because B is not in the town since yesterday. But actually, we almost never celebrate our anniversary or even our birthday. So we just make it simple, no surprise, no on time presents, and no candle light dinner hahaha. Actually I wish we have a time like that, but I think it's not so us.. But I still feel glad because he always be with me for this past 5 years and we're still counting another years, right? No more words, just I feel so lucky to have you! 


Styling Saturday: Black Dress and Patterns


Haa finally, my final exams already over! The holiday is coming! *happy*
Okay since today I just stay at home alone, I decided to dressed up and applied some make up on. And wore this kind of hijab style. I think this look fits for wedding party outfit but if the dress is changed to a chiffon or satin fabric dress, so it will be looked more formal. So, here's the look.

Headscarf: Janissa Hijab
Inner blouse: Sister's
Dress: Always Sw@rna
Shoes: UP
Mini bag: Mom's
Necklace: Rumah Ratu
Rings: Chasya House


Campus Outfit of The Day


So this is my today's campus outfit. Wearing something simple but still chic, an oversize outwear and a t-shirt inside it. I do love this Nadjani outwear, the unique cut and the earthy color. In love at the first sight <3
I usually take some outfit pics when I have a time before go to campus or maybe I just dress up and take some pics just for fill my leisure time hehehe. By the way, holiday is coming!

Headscarf: by ILS
Outwear: Nadjani
Pants: online shop
Bag: online shop