Outfit Pics and My College Life


It's Monday and my class got canceled, yeah! XD


Here I am, in the bus on my way to campus. Actually, my class got canceled for today, but because of something urgent, so I should go.. lazily hahaha. Okay just forget it.

So there's a time when you're waiting for someone and you must be get bored easily, right? But sometimes you could do something worth at that time, so your time won't be wasted just like..yah you know what.

That was happened to me yesterday. I got a free time to took some pics of my outfit of the day while waiting someone to pick me up hahaha. I'm so sorry that I feel too lazy to take outfit pics these days. Because of a non-stop college assignments. And I think my head will be burst out XD just kidding!

About my college life, I'm still on my way to finish my 3rd semester. I've felt so much up and down moments. Sometimes I feel so down but the next day I feel so excited.
But now, rather than ignoring this precious college life, I prefer to do what can I do and make it better and better.
There's still a long way to go. Fighting!  ❤

Headscarf : Fixpose
Top : unbranded
Pants : Number 61
Bag : unbranded
Rings : Forever 21


  1. Fighting ....iam know that feelling but hey to many interesting thing to be ignored ( don't get bored ).salam

  2. Nice jeans! I hope you will rock your 3th semester in sha Allah.



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