A Special Post to A Special Friend, T.


So just like the title of this post.
This post is dedicated to my one and only best friend,

This girl was born in UjungpandangSouth Sulawesi on December 16th 1994.
So, it means today is her 20th Birthday.

Let me tell you a short story about me and her.
She's older 1 year and 2 months than me. But, we are in the same school grade. I know her since we were in Elementary School. We have been a good friend since 5th grader. We have lived in the same neighborhood and we also attended the same school in Elementary and Junior High School. She studies Psychology in college now.
We have a same goal and dream which is visiting our most favorite country, it's Japan! Who doesn't love this beautiful city, right? And we also have made a saving to reach this goal. Even it seems impossible but we try our best. 
I forget when was the last time I met her. Because we have our busyness, so we almost couldn't match our time to meet up. We have a non-stop conversation whenever we met. And our favorite activity are having a meal or coffee and karaoke or just attending an event.
Actually, still there's a lot of things I could say but enough for now. I want to give a birthday greeting to her now..

I wish nothing but May Allah will always blesses and grants your wishes, I hope you'd be a girl whom your parents and brothers are proud of, successful in everything, could reach your dreams, be a good Psychologist, and be someone just like who you are now.
Let's meet when we have a time XO


Ina Lathifah Siregar