Bandung and My Hijabella Magazine


Hello, dear ladies!
I'm updating my blog from Bandung this morning. Wake up with a cold and nice weather here *yawn*. I know I have tons of college assignments for this week, but why don't I leave them for a moment? I also need a refreshment XD
Spending weekend with family is the best moment, right? And we also visited our siblings yesterday. So how about your weekend, ladies?
Btw, I'm so happy that two of my Instagram pics are in Hijabella Magazine! And some of my shots from Hijabella Time by Hijabenka event also been published on this month issue magz. Yippie! You should grab yours and check my shots on page 20-21 Hehehe

Enjoy your precious weekend! XO

Headscarf: Fixpose
Pants: Ceil Centro
Shoes: Yongki Komaladi
Rings: Forever 21
Bag: unbranded


  1. How cool dear!!


  2. Cincinnya lucu bangeeet! beli di mana?

    1. I've mentioned it, the rings are from Forever 21. Thank you! XO

  3. Nice, I love your style! Anywaaay, I'm currently addicted to an app called Legatalk. Bisa curhat anonim gitu di appnya, seru banget hahaha udah coba belom?


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