Winning Hijab Tutorial Contest by HijUp


I got a good news from few days ago. I joined a hijab tutorial contest by HijUp and I won! Alhamdulillah..
Actually I forgot that I joined that contest (so sorry). I don't know what's the criteria of the contest winner, I think that many girls who joined did a good job and wore the hijab more attractive, just didn't like mine which is so simple! But I should be grateful, right? I'm the one and only winner! So I got this "Elsa" hijab from HijUp by Meccanism by Zaskia Adya Mecca. Actually I don't really have a confidence to wear a hijab like this. But, let's give it a try! What do you think?
Thank you HijUp and Meccanism! xo

Elsa hijab : Meccanism
Blouse : vintage
Skirt : Dhiyaa
Shoes: UP