Hello, fashionistas! Finally, I can update my blog again after a quiet long time haha!
I've promised that I would share the pictures about an event called UI Fashion Week 2014 on last Saturday, but I'm really really sorry because I couldn't make it at that day. It was because my family and I were in Bandung on weekend and I didn't bring my laptop, so I decided to share it to you now. Hope you will understand :')

It was my first time attending this event, UIFW 2014 (University of Indonesia Fashion Week). This event had been hold since 3 years ago (if I'm not wrong). An event that was hold by some students of UI who love and have passion in fashion. The event was from August 21st - 24th. And I came on the 2nd day and attended the first session of the fashion show called OASIS, the hijab fashion. They hold the fashion shows on the rooftop of Mall Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta. It was cool! But I thought that they were not have much preparations for the first show. I thought of it because they were not on time and some properties were broken, so I felt a bit disappointed. But the fashion show on the first session run smoothly and I like some of the collection hoho.

Enjoy the pics! Good night xo

The MCs

Abang None Jakarta


  1. Beautiful dresses. Looks like you had a great day.



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