Family Trip: Pangandaran, West Java


Hello! Finally I got a time to post something on this blog. If you've been following my Instagram account, you must have known that I'm on a holiday with my family. Yes, my dad got three days off started from Wed-Fri. Me, sisters and lil brother still on our holiday from school and college. So we decided to have a short vacation. We went to Pangandaran, West Java on Wed-Fri, but now we're in Bandung for one night. It was so much fun! Because my family seldom to have a short vacation like this, so we really enjoyed it and we will make another trip, in syaa Allah. And here are some pictures which I took and not forget about the #OOTD :p
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Outfit day 2
Headscarf: House of Hayra
Top: Online shop
Pants: Number 61
Sandals: Ezra by Zalora
Bag: Colorbox

Outfit day 3
Headscarf: by ILS
Top: Nadjani
Pants: online shop
Sandals: Ezra by Zalora
Bag: Colorbox

And here is where I'm sitting, comfy blogging corner. Good night! xo


  1. Awesome photos. Looks like a great experience.



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