Eid Outfit Inspirations by ILS


Hello ladies, Idul Fitri already in front of the eyes. So I'd like to give you some inspirations for Eid outfits. So for these outfits, I don't wear the brand new outfits from head to toe, just combined the old and the new one. So here are some tips for you, ladies! :)

  • Let's combine our old neon outfit with an earth tone outfits, such as brown, green, dark blue, grey and so on.

  • Combine your skirt with a pattern blouse with similar color. And wear a bright color headscarf so it won't look monotone.

  • Wear your old long cardigan and combine it with skirt. Choose the colors which make you confident.

  • Not only long cardigan, you can also wear a batwing or an oversize cardigan with skirt!

So here are some tips from me. Play with your old stuffs, colors and patterns! I wish these tips may help you to choose what you're gonna wear on your Eid days! xoxo


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