Styling Saturday: Black Dress and Patterns


Haa finally, my final exams already over! The holiday is coming! *happy*
Okay since today I just stay at home alone, I decided to dressed up and applied some make up on. And wore this kind of hijab style. I think this look fits for wedding party outfit but if the dress is changed to a chiffon or satin fabric dress, so it will be looked more formal. So, here's the look.

Headscarf: Janissa Hijab
Inner blouse: Sister's
Dress: Always Sw@rna
Shoes: UP
Mini bag: Mom's
Necklace: Rumah Ratu
Rings: Chasya House


  1. I love your outfit today, looks stylish, :D

  2. what a perfect dress! love ur outfit

  3. It's unbelievable, I like your style and dress, and I think we must have a common hobby.
    First of all, this dress looks very conspicuous, as well as the present popular trend, appear very fashionable and young.The scarf on collocation, too perfect.
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