Productive Sunday: Blue and Yellow Necklace

What a productive night! Just finished made this necklace, actually the colors are blue and soft yellow, but I think the yellow looks like a bit greenish, right? Hahaha. Maybe I'm gonna make some again in different colors later, yeay!
I'm going to take pictures of hijab tutorials as soon as possible, in shaa Allah. So please wait! xo

By the way, today is June 15th 2014. So, it means that me and B is having our 5th anniversary, yeay! But we're not celebrate it because B is not in the town since yesterday. But actually, we almost never celebrate our anniversary or even our birthday. So we just make it simple, no surprise, no on time presents, and no candle light dinner hahaha. Actually I wish we have a time like that, but I think it's not so us.. But I still feel glad because he always be with me for this past 5 years and we're still counting another years, right? No more words, just I feel so lucky to have you! 


  1. Adeekk lucuu bangeett kalungnyaa mauu ihhh :p Happy anniv yaaa adeekk sygg <3

  2. sweet blog!
    follow to follow?


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