Sunday Story: It Annoys Me.


I don't live at a dorm anymore, there are some reasons why I love living at home again but there are also some reasons I (don't) love to live at home. One of the reason is my parents always ask me whenever I leave house (except for campus time), where will I go, what time will I go home, with who and so on. Yes, I do believe that these are such a simple thing that every parents ask to their children. But sometimes it annoys me, because I often go out with my friends in almost every weekend or holiday time. And what I hate so much is when my parents ask me "why you haven't go home?" ugh! It feels like my parents haven't trust me. I'm 18th now. I know I'm still a teenager and I'm a girl. I know that I won't go home at late night alone. I have reasons when I go home at night, because of the traffic, the late transportation or when I go with my friends to another town. Sigh.
Thank you for reading my short story of life ._.

So this was my outfit for yesterday lunch with my friend.

Scarf: by ILS
Top: Unbranded
Pants: H&M
Necklace: by ILS
Bag: Vintage 

Spring Sakura at Daiji Ramen, Bogor.


  1. I like this outfit especially the outer and the top and the shoes. Hehehe

    Btw, I used to think like that too when I was single. I live in dorms for almost 10 years (college&work). Now that I am a mom, I can see what my parents see.
    You're such a beautiful girl and of course mom and dad will be worry about you ^^

  2. Beautiful. Love the color of your hijab!



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