Monday Me: Clozette Indonesia


Hi, ladies! Have you heard about Clozette ID?
Maybe from the Clozette Indonesia Ambassador like Fifi Alvianto or Clara Devi?
Yes, Clozette ID is a social website or online closet for you who likes everything about fashion and beauty. You can share about your Fashion items, Beauty secrets, (Outfit, Hair, Hijab, Nail) of The Day, Recent Purchases and even your Wish List!
You can also do shopping and sell your fashion or beauty item here.
And Clozette ID also held some contests with great prize! And luckily, I am one of the winner of the "Korean Beauty Look Voting Contest". What did I do was just vote for two Korean Celebs looks that I love more. And voila Alhamdulillah I just won it! What's the prize? I get a box of face treatment from The Face Shop worth IDR 500,000 xo
Thank you Clozette ID and The Face Shop!

"Clozette Indonesia adalah Fashion Social Network pertama di Indonesia khusus bagi para pecinta fashion dan beauty.
Dengan bergabung bersama Clozette Indonesia, dapatkan keuntungan berikut ini: 
  • Organise: Buat virtual wardrobe-mu di Clozette.
  • Discover: Jelajahi berbagai inspirasi terbaru seputar fashion & beauty.
  • Shop: Berbelanja lebih dari 1500 fashion stores di MarketPlaza.
  • Share: Berbagi tips dengan Clozetters yang lain."

So what are you waiting for? Sign Up now, share your fashion and beauty looks, join the contests and win the prizes! And don't forget follow my account (click the "Clozette Daily" button on the right side of this blog)