Monday Colors: Bright Colors and Dark Blue


I'm playing with bright colors again! Shocking pink and yellow :p and I also add a dark blue skirt (actually it's a cape but I wear it as a half skirt to cover my back part hoho)

Stripes top: Unbranded
Pants: Number 61
Cape as skirt: by ILS
Heels: Payless

Monday Me: Clozette Indonesia


Hi, ladies! Have you heard about Clozette ID?
Maybe from the Clozette Indonesia Ambassador like Fifi Alvianto or Clara Devi?
Yes, Clozette ID is a social website or online closet for you who likes everything about fashion and beauty. You can share about your Fashion items, Beauty secrets, (Outfit, Hair, Hijab, Nail) of The Day, Recent Purchases and even your Wish List!
You can also do shopping and sell your fashion or beauty item here.
And Clozette ID also held some contests with great prize! And luckily, I am one of the winner of the "Korean Beauty Look Voting Contest". What did I do was just vote for two Korean Celebs looks that I love more. And voila Alhamdulillah I just won it! What's the prize? I get a box of face treatment from The Face Shop worth IDR 500,000 xo
Thank you Clozette ID and The Face Shop!

"Clozette Indonesia adalah Fashion Social Network pertama di Indonesia khusus bagi para pecinta fashion dan beauty.
Dengan bergabung bersama Clozette Indonesia, dapatkan keuntungan berikut ini: 
  • Organise: Buat virtual wardrobe-mu di Clozette.
  • Discover: Jelajahi berbagai inspirasi terbaru seputar fashion & beauty.
  • Shop: Berbelanja lebih dari 1500 fashion stores di MarketPlaza.
  • Share: Berbagi tips dengan Clozetters yang lain."

So what are you waiting for? Sign Up now, share your fashion and beauty looks, join the contests and win the prizes! And don't forget follow my account (click the "Clozette Daily" button on the right side of this blog) 


Tuesday Style: Orange Headscarf

Scarf: Mooieta
Outer: online shop
Skirt: by ILS
Shoes: local store
Necklace: by ILS
Bag: Peter Says Denim


Sunday Story: It Annoys Me.


I don't live at a dorm anymore, there are some reasons why I love living at home again but there are also some reasons I (don't) love to live at home. One of the reason is my parents always ask me whenever I leave house (except for campus time), where will I go, what time will I go home, with who and so on. Yes, I do believe that these are such a simple thing that every parents ask to their children. But sometimes it annoys me, because I often go out with my friends in almost every weekend or holiday time. And what I hate so much is when my parents ask me "why you haven't go home?" ugh! It feels like my parents haven't trust me. I'm 18th now. I know I'm still a teenager and I'm a girl. I know that I won't go home at late night alone. I have reasons when I go home at night, because of the traffic, the late transportation or when I go with my friends to another town. Sigh.
Thank you for reading my short story of life ._.

So this was my outfit for yesterday lunch with my friend.

Scarf: by ILS
Top: Unbranded
Pants: H&M
Necklace: by ILS
Bag: Vintage 

Spring Sakura at Daiji Ramen, Bogor.


Family Friday: Quality Time


Happy long weekend all!
So I decided to wear this outfit yesterday, to have a quality time with my family and dad's friends' family at a villa in Sentul, Bogor (not so far from our home). As you know, that I've dressed up like this on this post.

Grey scarf: Janissa Hijab
Dress: Lebelova
Pants: H&M
Necklace: Krisna, Bali
Instax bag & refill: Polaroid Land


Me on Monday: Cloth inc. Dots Mini Dress


Hello, ladies!
I'm happy because every Monday is free day for me XD today I don't have any schedule to do or somewhere to go, I'm alone at home, so I decided to took some outfit pics.
I wear a dots mini dress which I bought from Pop Up Market and combine it with a red coat. So here's the look, black&white never go wrong with red, right?

White scarf : Fixpose
Dress : Cloth inc.
Outwear : Auburn&Ginger
Pants : H&M
Wedges : UP
Rings : Chasya House


Sunday Style: Winona dress by Lebelova


So this is my first look wearing winona dress from lebelova and combined it with an outer from nadjani.
Pastel look? Maybe yes.

Scarf : Orange Shopz
Dress : lebelova
Outer : Nadjani
Rings : Bling

Saturday's Story: Pop Up Market 2014 "Shibuya"


How's your weekend?
I went to an event yesterday called "Pop Up Market 2014 Shibuya" by Prasetiya Mulya school. The reasons why I came to this event because I love the theme [yes, you should know that I love everything that related to Japan] and it's been a long time since my last time went shopping. And whenever I came to a market event, I always hunted for sale bucket or sale banner hahahaha.
So I got two pieces of mini dress, a flowery dress from LABELOVA and a dots dress from CLOTH INC
Yes, there many local brands there. And I had a brownies ice cream too, yumm!

Pop Up Market 2014: "Shibuya"
At Kuningan City 3th floor (Fashion bazaar) & 4th floor (Food&Beverage)
11-13 April 2014
10.30 am - 22.30 pm
For more information www.popupmarketid.com

So, what are you waiting for? Let's come to the last day! Happy shopping 

 Inner black dress : House of Amira
Scarf : Janissa Hijab
Top : FO
Shoes : Nike SB
Bag : Vintage
Necklace : Yihaa Project

My companion

 Beware of monster! Lol

 "Haai, moshi-moshi?"

 What I've purchased