Talk about Thursday: A Story and Outfit


This post is about my simple outfit looks, wearing my old pencil skirt. Anyway, before you see the pics, I'd like to tell you a story that made me a bit sad these days..
Hmm, have you ever felt the feeling when someone who closed to you and then he/she went to somewhere for an acceptable reason, but something that makes you sad is, that person is leaving for a place/city/country that you're really really want to go there since a long time ago, huh?
Yeah, that's what I feel these days. One of my closed friend --a boy soon to be a man :p-- just left his family, girlfriend, friends, relatives, and include me. He has flight on yesterday night and will live in Japan for this year and next years. AH! JAPAN! I've been dreaming to go there one day since years ago, even me and my best friend already save some of our money to reached that dream, and even it's still so far from the goal T.T
Ya, I believe in Allah.. Allah has prepared that time when I'll go to Japan and with whom I go with. I just need to make some efforts, pray a lot, save more money, and wait for "the day"! I can't wait it!
But let's think positively, I could ask him to take pictures of cool places in Japan and give me some recommended places also maybe. And please bring Sakura here when you go home next year XD

Please stay healthy, don't forget to pray, study well and live a good life there, my dearest friend..
We'll be missing you! Hayaku kaette kuru ne! [Please come back as soon as possible!] and see you next year in shaa Allah xo

So here's the look for today, Enjoy!


Our last (but not the least) lunch, D-3


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