Sunny Sunday: My Baby Blue Skirt by Mexitalia


Weekend is going to over, I feel like I haven't have my leisure and rest time. I wish weekend will be more than two days in a week XD kidding.
And like I said in the previous post about what I bought at that event, so here's the look and I'm wearing my new baby blue skirt from Mexitalia called Linea Skirt. I bought this skirt for some reasons; I don't have any skirt in this color, it's long and almost cover my feet if I wear flat shoes, the fabric is thick and the most important is bcs it was on sale hahaha (girls/women always love sale things right?)
So here's the whole look. Happy Sunday! ♥


Shawl : Such! by Suci Utami
Inner shirt : Forever 21
Skirt : Mexitalia
Shoes : Payless
Bangle : Bling
Necklace : by ILS


  1. Such a lovely color for a skirt!


  2. Replies
    1. Me love it too! But actually, I'm not used to wear something that high x_x


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