How I Met My Fashion Inspirations


It's already Sunday night, huh? I need a longer night for tonight..
This isn't an outfit post, maybe I'll take some shoots tomorrow, in shaa Allah ;)

Have you read about The Author page of this blog?
If you had read it, so you have known who are my hijabi fashion inspirations, right? Yes, they are Fitri Aulia from KIVITZ Blog and Shea Rasol from My Amethyst.
I still remember how was the feeling when the first time I met them (in different time). I met Shea in "Sisterhood by Dian Pelangi" event last year. I remember when she just walked out from the hall with her friend, then me and my friend stopped them and I asked her to took pics together and she say "yes" with her beautiful smile :)
And I met kak Fitri in my campus event called "Hijab is My Crown", because kak Fitri was being the speaker for the talkshow. And when the event finished, me and the others also had a time to take pics with her. But sadly, I took a pic with kak Fitri with my instax camera but it turns so dark because I set a wrong brightness :( and the pics which were took by my friend, all of them got shaky/blurred. I felt so sad..
But, a few days later, kak Fitri wrote a post about that event on her blog and I left a comment immediately about asking her for the pic of me and kak Fitri which was taken by her husband. And happily, he replied and sent me a pic through email, Alhamdulillah.. thank you so much, sister! :)

So it's just a little story about how I met my hijabi inspirations hihi. And I hope, Allah will let us to meet again in a right time.. Aamiin :)


Ina LS



  1. Awh, how great is that masha Allah!


  2. It must be delightful to find ur inspirations in person ^^


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