Amusement Park Day


Happy long weekend, ladies!
Spent this day to an Amusement Park with my nieces and nephews.

And sorry for wearing the same outfit as the blog post before, but I wore it with a different style XD


Berrybenka and My Campus #OOTD


So I just received my package from Berrybenka, two pieces of clothes which I ordered from their Year End Sale! And I also used my IDR75,000 free voucher XD Who doesn't love Year End Sale, right? Just a few days to go to new year! So have some fun!

And this outfit is my campus #OOTD (except the bag). The dress is one of the clothes inside my Berrybenka black box. Are you curious about the other one? Stay tune! XO

Headscarf : unbranded
Dress : Berrybenka
Pants : H&M
Bag : Charles & Keith
Rings : Silver (by ILS) & Gold (F21)




Hello, Sunday!
Just did an observation to a two public spaces for my college final exam, the subject is Teori Warna. So, wish me luck!

And I asked Bayu to accompanied me and for the first time, he took my outfit pics! Haha I'm happy! XD
Thank you, B! xo

Headscarf : by ILS
Shoes : Grace et Mercy
Bag : online shop
Rings : Forever 21

Photograph by BR

He even took a candid shot :3


Patterns and Bold Colors Outfit


Let's try to combining two patterns and two bold colors in one time! And this is how I wore them. My today outfit for campus (except that little bag haha). And luckily, I could went home earlier because of the lecturers couldn't come today hoho. Happy!

Headscarf : KIVITZ
Outwear : by ILS
Skirt : Simply Geeky
Bag : Colorbox
Shoes : Reebook


A Special Post to A Special Friend, T.


So just like the title of this post.
This post is dedicated to my one and only best friend,

This girl was born in UjungpandangSouth Sulawesi on December 16th 1994.
So, it means today is her 20th Birthday.

Let me tell you a short story about me and her.
She's older 1 year and 2 months than me. But, we are in the same school grade. I know her since we were in Elementary School. We have been a good friend since 5th grader. We have lived in the same neighborhood and we also attended the same school in Elementary and Junior High School. She studies Psychology in college now.
We have a same goal and dream which is visiting our most favorite country, it's Japan! Who doesn't love this beautiful city, right? And we also have made a saving to reach this goal. Even it seems impossible but we try our best. 
I forget when was the last time I met her. Because we have our busyness, so we almost couldn't match our time to meet up. We have a non-stop conversation whenever we met. And our favorite activity are having a meal or coffee and karaoke or just attending an event.
Actually, still there's a lot of things I could say but enough for now. I want to give a birthday greeting to her now..

I wish nothing but May Allah will always blesses and grants your wishes, I hope you'd be a girl whom your parents and brothers are proud of, successful in everything, could reach your dreams, be a good Psychologist, and be someone just like who you are now.
Let's meet when we have a time XO


Ina Lathifah Siregar


Outfit Pics and My College Life


It's Monday and my class got canceled, yeah! XD


Here I am, in the bus on my way to campus. Actually, my class got canceled for today, but because of something urgent, so I should go.. lazily hahaha. Okay just forget it.

So there's a time when you're waiting for someone and you must be get bored easily, right? But sometimes you could do something worth at that time, so your time won't be wasted just like..yah you know what.

That was happened to me yesterday. I got a free time to took some pics of my outfit of the day while waiting someone to pick me up hahaha. I'm so sorry that I feel too lazy to take outfit pics these days. Because of a non-stop college assignments. And I think my head will be burst out XD just kidding!

About my college life, I'm still on my way to finish my 3rd semester. I've felt so much up and down moments. Sometimes I feel so down but the next day I feel so excited.
But now, rather than ignoring this precious college life, I prefer to do what can I do and make it better and better.
There's still a long way to go. Fighting!  ❤

Headscarf : Fixpose
Top : unbranded
Pants : Number 61
Bag : unbranded
Rings : Forever 21


Something Left From Bandung Last Weekend

Something left from my weekend in Bandung, my 2nd #OOTD hoho XD I hope you don't mind! XO
Headscarf: Local Store
Top: Unbranded
Skirt: Number 61
Pants: H&M
Sling Bag: Unbranded


Pastel for Sunday

A quick post about my Sunday #OOTD!
First weekend of December
Have a good sleep XO


And peace!


Bandung and My Hijabella Magazine


Hello, dear ladies!
I'm updating my blog from Bandung this morning. Wake up with a cold and nice weather here *yawn*. I know I have tons of college assignments for this week, but why don't I leave them for a moment? I also need a refreshment XD
Spending weekend with family is the best moment, right? And we also visited our siblings yesterday. So how about your weekend, ladies?
Btw, I'm so happy that two of my Instagram pics are in Hijabella Magazine! And some of my shots from Hijabella Time by Hijabenka event also been published on this month issue magz. Yippie! You should grab yours and check my shots on page 20-21 Hehehe

Enjoy your precious weekend! XO

Headscarf: Fixpose
Pants: Ceil Centro
Shoes: Yongki Komaladi
Rings: Forever 21
Bag: unbranded