Hey ladies, I wanna tell you something, not really important anyway hehehe
Sometimes... I'm wondering, do you feel bored about my outfit pictures? Not about my fashion sense, because this is the real me :) I mean, about the pictures which I always took place in a room, do you feel bored to see them?
Hmm I have some reasons about it.
First, I don't have a photographer, I always took the pictures by the timer and tripod, but since my camera's error up until now, I only use my 8 MP phone camera.
Second, I think I don't have a (very) nice view around my house.
Third, I feel ashamed whenever I took the pictures outside, or if someone took pictures of me, I think I can't show the natural smile of mine. I have confidence when I'm with my tripod and camera only :p

That's why I feel a lil bit envy with the fashion bloggers who always take outfit pictures with different views on their each post hihihi, but I still love you all, my blog readers and my fashion inspirations! 

Just a throwback pictures..


  1. love your skirt color dear :D


  2. I don't get bored. Though these pictures are beautiful! Love your skirt.


  3. Huwahaa, it's ok Ina, we love you too, keep inspiring :).
    Soon you'll be brave enough to take picture outside your room, and.. hhem, bogor neighborhood was nice, you just need explore a little bit

    1. Alhamdulillah.. Thanks a lot for the advice sist! x


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