Snack Time with Lucky


Just three more days to go to 2014!
Are you excited? What will you do to start the new year? Have you make some resolutions for 2014?
If you ask me..
I have nothing to do on the first day of 2014, just do what I usually do haha. I have no plan to celebrate it, I'm not kind of person who are so excited to welcoming the new year with party or anything like that. But I have some resolutions for next year. What are they? Let just Allah and me who knows it :)

About today,
Me and Lucky were having snack time at Doctor Cronuts. It's located at Jalan Bagaspati 1 No. 1, Indraprasta, Bogor. They only sell cronuts, tea and milkshake with some variants. I ordered Green Tea milkshake and Tiramissu cronuts. Hmm I think I'm not so in love with the menu which I ate. If I give a score, the cronuts will be 5/10 and the milkshake is 6/10. But I think you should try it by yourself, maybe it will be your taste ;)
Enjoy your day!


By the way, this is the final result of me and my group creation for our final exam of Kerajinan lesson. A plastic dress.


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