Shirt as Skirt


Aah my final term exam! It will be next week you know! *screaming or sleeping?*
Bismillah, I need your pray, ladies. I hope Allah will make it easier, Aamiin.. Okay let's skip the exam preparation for a while.

A week after I attended Indonesia Fashion Week on December 1st, so it means last Saturday, I attended Jakarta Fashion Market at FX Mall Sudirman. I went there alone and before I went home, Thifal came to me. After pray Zuhur we were back to home, Bogor.
I bought 2 pieces from JFM, what are they? Just wait until next post(s) insyaAllah ;)
Okay, see you again asap!


My campus outfit for today. Wear your old long plaid shirt as inner and show it as midi skirt!

Top, Shirt : unbranded
Pants : Gucci
Bag : Tajur
Shoes : Nike


  1. Lovely yellow sweater.


    1. Actually it's just a batwing top hihi. Danke ♥


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