Kawah Putih and Error Camera

Hi! How are you ladies? Can't believe that weekend comes again.. Days come and go so fast lately and I need some refreshing but it's impossible :(
After had mid term test, assignments are waiting to be done again fyuh. So how's your days? I hope we always and should thank to Allah for everything that Allah gives to us.

Fyi, I should say this to you, that I wouldn't take some outfit pictures as many as I did before. My camera's lens is error since I was back from Bandung :( So maybe I'll update my daily outfit through my instagram acc here. I hope you could understand..
About this post, I have to post my last short holiday with my mom's big family. It was so fun! And I wanna more time to be spent together :') Went to Bandung and Ciwidey on Oct 18th-20th. But sadly, Dad couldn't joined bcos he went to Bali for work..
Thank you and wish you have a nice weekend xx
Barakallah o:)

Scarf: Orange Shopz
Cardigan: Number SixtyOne
Skirt: Janissa Hijab
Instax Pink Case: Polaroid Land

Welcome to KAWAH PUTIH! The "I" falls XD

Take this transportation to reach the Kawah Putih area

Sister-Mom-Mom's youngest sister

Me-Mom-lil sister-sister

Family pictures minus Dad

Grandpa and his grand children

At IBIS Hotel Bandung before we left for Kawah Putih, Ciwidey.

Family picnic <3

Modern farmers style :P

Don't mind if I'm taller :P


  1. Looks like a great experience. Love the color of your skirt dear.


  2. nice view


  3. such a beautiful scenery! the last time i went was like 4-5 years ago. your photos make me wanting to return :3


    1. Yes, it's very beautiful ♥
      Back again! It's not a wasting, right? ;)

  4. I love your color skirt :D



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