I'm glad being here


I seldom wear something formal when I go to campus. I love to dress up that's why I'm really glad being one of fashion design student, so I could express myself through what I wear! Sometimes I keep thinking what I'm gonna wear today, but sometimes the mood just fly in my mind and I take this and that, voila this is me today!
So, I wore a navy blazer/bolero to campus this morning, since every Thursday I only have one object at campus, so I'm free in the afternoon. I always back to home every Thursday, but today I don't think that there's something important at home, so I decided to stay at my second room today.
Btw, I'm in love with Lorde songs in her Pure Heroine album, you should listen to 'em!
Love xx


Navy blazer/bolero : Thrift shop
Lace sleeveless dress : Annisa
Pants : H&M
Wedges : UP


  1. Lovely outfit.


  2. cute bag :D


  3. Nice look :)
    would you mind to follow each other? Let me know if you would. I'll follow you back immediately :)

    big hug,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd


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