Blue for ocean, Green for coconut trees


I think that all of you ever feel a mixed feeling like what I feel now. I feel tired, sad, missing someone, mad and another in one time. It makes me wanna scream loudly and what I need now is a beach trip. I'll have a holiday soon, I'm hoping that I could visit a beach as soon as I get my holiday. Or will someone asks me for it? I hope so :)


Btw, around two or three weeks ago, I wore this outfit to attend a seminar. Even I don't have much self-confidence when I wear something red, but I do love this blazer so much, because there's an Ulos fabric on it! And actually it was my grandma's :D Lucky me and proud to Batak[nese]!


  1. Love both outfit masha Allah.


  2. i'm in love with this! great post x

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