Simply Plaid Shirt


Waah weekend comes again.. What will you do, ladies?
If you ask about me, me and my group will do our group assignment this morning, then I'll back to Bogor and visit my friend at hospital with another friend of mine, and come home at night, insyaAllah :) And for Sunday, me and my classmate, Nana, will come to the last day of Indonesia Creative Week at Grand Indonesia, insyaAllah..

I'm sure that all of you will have more excited plans to do! So, enjoy your weekend and have a nice day! xx


Plaid shirt : Dancus
Pants : H&M
Shoes : Nike
Bag : Tajur, Bogor


I'm glad being here


I seldom wear something formal when I go to campus. I love to dress up that's why I'm really glad being one of fashion design student, so I could express myself through what I wear! Sometimes I keep thinking what I'm gonna wear today, but sometimes the mood just fly in my mind and I take this and that, voila this is me today!
So, I wore a navy blazer/bolero to campus this morning, since every Thursday I only have one object at campus, so I'm free in the afternoon. I always back to home every Thursday, but today I don't think that there's something important at home, so I decided to stay at my second room today.
Btw, I'm in love with Lorde songs in her Pure Heroine album, you should listen to 'em!
Love xx


Navy blazer/bolero : Thrift shop
Lace sleeveless dress : Annisa
Pants : H&M
Wedges : UP


Blue for ocean, Green for coconut trees


I think that all of you ever feel a mixed feeling like what I feel now. I feel tired, sad, missing someone, mad and another in one time. It makes me wanna scream loudly and what I need now is a beach trip. I'll have a holiday soon, I'm hoping that I could visit a beach as soon as I get my holiday. Or will someone asks me for it? I hope so :)


Btw, around two or three weeks ago, I wore this outfit to attend a seminar. Even I don't have much self-confidence when I wear something red, but I do love this blazer so much, because there's an Ulos fabric on it! And actually it was my grandma's :D Lucky me and proud to Batak[nese]!


My Fashion Design Classmates

Whoaa how I miss blogging so much! I'm back with an outfit post, since my camera's lens broke, I took these pictures with my phone, so sorry about the bad quality pictures..
I don't wanna tell much stories now bcos I'm too tired and I'm getting flu now. Get well soon for me :>

Pink top -- Elanor
Black long dress -- KISA
Wedges -- Symbolize

So they are my classmates! 
Pictures was taken yesterday after we had a make up class :D


Kawah Putih and Error Camera

Hi! How are you ladies? Can't believe that weekend comes again.. Days come and go so fast lately and I need some refreshing but it's impossible :(
After had mid term test, assignments are waiting to be done again fyuh. So how's your days? I hope we always and should thank to Allah for everything that Allah gives to us.

Fyi, I should say this to you, that I wouldn't take some outfit pictures as many as I did before. My camera's lens is error since I was back from Bandung :( So maybe I'll update my daily outfit through my instagram acc here. I hope you could understand..
About this post, I have to post my last short holiday with my mom's big family. It was so fun! And I wanna more time to be spent together :') Went to Bandung and Ciwidey on Oct 18th-20th. But sadly, Dad couldn't joined bcos he went to Bali for work..
Thank you and wish you have a nice weekend xx
Barakallah o:)

Scarf: Orange Shopz
Cardigan: Number SixtyOne
Skirt: Janissa Hijab
Instax Pink Case: Polaroid Land

Welcome to KAWAH PUTIH! The "I" falls XD

Take this transportation to reach the Kawah Putih area

Sister-Mom-Mom's youngest sister

Me-Mom-lil sister-sister

Family pictures minus Dad

Grandpa and his grand children

At IBIS Hotel Bandung before we left for Kawah Putih, Ciwidey.

Family picnic <3

Modern farmers style :P

Don't mind if I'm taller :P