It's 2.18 a.m in Indonesia, who's still wake up? I just did my assignment and now I have a time to blog! So here's a pending outfit post. Actually I'll post this post since last week but how could I say, I just too busy lately :(
So here it is, enjoy! xo

Flower Crown: DIY
Coat: My old stuff
Sweater: Dad's old stuff
Bag: Peter Says Denim
Shoes: Christian Siriano


Eid Al Adha 1434 H

Alhamdulillah it's Eid Al Adha! Celebrate it only with my family at home, because my parents are busy to help the neighbors with Qurban at a mosque near my house. I hope you enjoy this time with your whole family, Barakallah o:)
So this is what I wear today.

Scarf: Orange Shopz
Dress: Gift from Mom
Wedges: Christian Siriano


I am Minion's Twin

Alhamdulillah I get a short holiday, only 4 days but it's such a worth! 2 days to go to Idul Adha..
I haven't take outfit pictures, so here I post a self potrait or my narcism? Haha. Being a minion's twin!
Hope you like it!
Btw, I just love a song titled Between The Bars by Elliot Smith. I just knew that song when I watched Stuck In Love movie.
Happy Sunday xx



Aah Alhamdulillah I have a free time today! And this was the outfit that I wore to campus yesterday. Plain skirt&top plus pattern scarf. Have a good day!

Scarf&Skirt: Janissa Hijab
Shoes: Yongki Komaladi
Watch: Casio


ARCG's 4th&5th Hijab Tutorial

Ladies, so here's I'm presenting my simply daily hijab tutorial! Actually my friends asked me to made this hijab tutorial since so long ago but I just got time yesterday. I've post them to my Instagram account but willingly I post it to my blog too so everyone can see it. Even this tutorial are so mainstream but no problem, right?
Hope you like it!


One Free Day

It's already Friday, ladies! Barakallah o:)
Yesterday Thifal asked me to went out because her college schedule was free. And I only have schedule until 11.40am every Thursday so we decided to went to Pondok Indah Mall in West Jakarta after prayed Dzuhur. We had lunch, in and out to one store to another one. After Maghrib we decided to went home, I feel so tired up until now. Fyuh assignments are waiting for me. Bye!

Scarf: Mooieta
Outer: SABS
Skirt: Casa Elana
Shoes: Yongki Komaladi
Bangle: Bling

Ate Javanese Food, Nasi Rames! Nyam :9


Selamat Hari Batik Nasional

Hari ini tanggal 2 Oktober, it means Hari Batik Nasional! Yeah saya sebagai salah satu orang Indonesia merasa sangat bangga memiliki warisan berupa Batik. Batik yang sebenarnya berasal dari kata "TIK" yaitu merupakan tik dari canting batik lukis. Walaupun batik sebenarnya adalah batik yang dilukis tangan bukanlah batik print-an. Begitulah kata dosen Dasar Busana saya. Tapi apapun yang mengandung unsur batik terlihat indah bukan? Makanya kita sebagai yang dititipkan warisan haruslah melestarikan batik ini dengan menggunakannya dengan bangga. Maka dari itu saya dan teman-teman kelas Tata Busana menyepakati untuk menggunakan batik hari ini, atau mungkin satu kampus menggunakannya hari ini ya? Hehe kita lihat saja nanti. Ayo kita pakai batik sesering mungkin! :D
Selamat Hari Batik Nasional, Indonesia! <3
Scarf: Orange Shopz
Floral Batik Peplum Top: Made by tailor
Pants: Gucci
Green scarf worn as skirt: KIVITZ
Batik Bag: Gift
Shoes: Yongki Komaladi


Feminine and Boyish in One Time

Oh God, October comes! We're almost touch to the end of this year :O
I hope I can do better activities/jobs as much as possible.
About this outfit post, I just wore the whole outfit this morning to campus. Start the class from 8am until 2.20pm [there's a break time surely]. Wore my dad's old plaid shirt mixed with skirt and my nike shoes. Feminine and boyish looks! Haha
And bought these chiffon cerutti scarves from Orange Shopz, an online shop on instagram. Visit their account and buy some! ;)
Sleep tight, ladies xx
Plaid Shirt: Dad's
Chiffon Skirt: Janissa HIjab
Shoes: Nike
Bag: Airwalk