Market and Museum

Hey readers, how are you? I miss you, you, and you so much! xo
I'm busy lately and always busy I think. Being a colleger not so happy as I thought before. Task and task everytime :( I need some times to have an adaptation.. Less sleep now and I need more! And lucky me, I still can spend my weekend at my sweet home at Bogor. Yeah I try to go home every weekend because I miss my family and my bed and my own room :p
About this post, have you heard an event called "Market and Museum" on last Friday-Sunday? The theme was Candy Lab. And ya, I got a time to came to that event, there was a fashion bazaar by some young entrepreneurs, food beverage and many more. It was held at Grand Indonesia, West mall level 5. And I also asked B for accompanied me and surely he did [super happy!]. So yeah, just few pictures that I could took, because I was busy to looked at here and there ;p Enjoy!

[Scarf&skirt by Janissa Hijab. Blue batik necklace from SMESCO UKM Gallery]

 Many cute stuffs, right? And candy everywhere <3

 Barbie shoes necklace by Yihaa Project
 Black&cream outer by SABS, cardigan in navy blue&fuschia pants by Number61


  1. there sooo many cute stuff :)


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