Thursday Campus Look

Hey ladies! Finally a new outfit post again! So, I wore this casual outfit to college on last Thursday. My college life runs smoothly even there are so many assignments that I should done and unbelievable around two weeks again I'll have my first Mid Semester Test and I still couldn't imagine how the test would be.. Bismillah.
Btw, I just love a song by One Republic titled Counting Stars. I love it when the first time I listened it on the radio <3
Thanks for reading xx

Navy Blue Cardigan: Number SixtyOne
Fir Cobalt Skirt: Casa Elana
Necklace&Bangle: Bling
Shoes: Nike

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A little touch of Green

Happy weekend, ladies!
Long time not posting an outfit post. But actually if you have followed my Instagram account, you have seen my daily or my campus look, right?
But for this look, I haven't post on my ig before, so this is special for you, my blog readers xx

Bought 3 shoe boxes for my shoes from _FYO 2 weeks ago and they are very useful and pink! XD
And Hijabella magazine!  I always found this monthly magazine when the time they will launch the next month edition. But late is better than never, right? And the best issue from every edition is "Mix & Match" (y)

Scarf: Janissa Hijab
Outer: SABS
Pants: Number SixtyOne
Shoes: UP wedges


Market and Museum

Hey readers, how are you? I miss you, you, and you so much! xo
I'm busy lately and always busy I think. Being a colleger not so happy as I thought before. Task and task everytime :( I need some times to have an adaptation.. Less sleep now and I need more! And lucky me, I still can spend my weekend at my sweet home at Bogor. Yeah I try to go home every weekend because I miss my family and my bed and my own room :p
About this post, have you heard an event called "Market and Museum" on last Friday-Sunday? The theme was Candy Lab. And ya, I got a time to came to that event, there was a fashion bazaar by some young entrepreneurs, food beverage and many more. It was held at Grand Indonesia, West mall level 5. And I also asked B for accompanied me and surely he did [super happy!]. So yeah, just few pictures that I could took, because I was busy to looked at here and there ;p Enjoy!

[Scarf&skirt by Janissa Hijab. Blue batik necklace from SMESCO UKM Gallery]

 Many cute stuffs, right? And candy everywhere <3

 Barbie shoes necklace by Yihaa Project
 Black&cream outer by SABS, cardigan in navy blue&fuschia pants by Number61