Sisterhood by DP and Ramadhan

Alhamdulillah it's already 4th Ramadhan 1434H, Marhaban Yaa Ramadhan.
But sadly I'm on my period now, so I haven't fasting since the first day huhuhu :( Anyone does the same with me? But no problem, I still can do dzikir all the time, remember Allah every time brings us peaceful :)
I came to Sisterhood by Dian Pelangi on last Saturday (July 6th--the last day) at Skeeno Exhibition Hall, Gandaria City, South Jakarta.
I went to there with my most loyal companion, Thifal XD. Before we went there, we attend our old neighbor's wedding, Kak Fatimah at Halim Perdana Kusuma, Jakarta. She looks like an Indian doll on that day, I didn't take many pictures there, because I was busy to hunted food and had a chit chat with Thifal hahaha. And suddenly, our friend, Farah, also came! She was on this post. So we had a chit chat too even not much because her and her family came late huhu. We didn't forget to took pictures!
Went from that wedding hall at 2pm. I didn't back home with my parents but with Thifal's family. We arrived at Gandaria City at 3.30pm. After we prayed Ashar, me and Thifal immediately went to the Sisterhood bazaar. We took some pics in front of the booth. After walked around the bazaar, finally I bought a piece from Adetyaa by BlowPop, named Alika Two Tone. I've been craving for this top since kak Nindy being the brand ambassador.
And another reason why I came to this event was wanted to meet Shea Rasol from My Amethyst, a Malaysian blogger, yeah she was! I was so hopeless because she was must be in the talkshow, fashion show hall and I didn't get into there. And yeah it was an unexpected, while I took Thifal's pic in front of the hall, Shea went out from that hall and fortunately I realized that she was her! I immediately ask her "Are you Shea?" and she said yes with her pretty smile. I asked her to took pics together and Thifal too. Wooh what a happy moment, I couldn't stop smiling hahaha pardon.
Then we had an early dinner, prayed Maghrib, and watched Despicable Me 2 in 3D. We had coffee before we went back home. And finally, I arrived at home at 11.40pm. Thank you so much for Thifal and family for having me on that day xx

And I'm joining #30DaysHijabiPhotoChallenge by @dianpelangi on IG from the first day of Ramadhan, you also can join it! Just for having fun ;)

So, happy fasting for all muslims, Semoga kita bisa meraih kemenangan dan keberkahan di bulan penuh berkah ini, Aamiin Yaa Allah..



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