Colors Attack

Ah I just realized that it has been 17th of Ramadhan.. So let's we fill these days with ibadah as many as we can :)
And Alhamdulillah I've got my pieces for Eid. How about you? I think you're same like me hehehe. I don't wanna share the pieces to you now, just wait until Eid insyaAllah.
About this outfit, just to fresh my day while I'm fasting and only stay at home this whole day. And as you can see, I'm using liquid eyeliner! I never use make up in my posts before, right? So I tried but it was totally failed hahaha. And happy fasting!

Square scarf -- unbranded
Purple batwing top -- Sugar Gallery
Fuschia skirt -- unbranded
Black heels -- LOFALOSH
Bangle, Necklace wearing as belt -- local brand
Watch -- Casio
Knitted bag -- Mom's


  1. love it

  2. cantik,,,suka banget dengan outfitnya

    1. Alhamdulillah, thank you and I like it too!

  3. Dar Ina, cantiknya keterlaluan sayang. Jadi mirip banget sama tante Fifi Alvianto disini :)) Happy fasting Ina

    1. Alhamdulillah.. Aaaahh ka Echa bisa aja nih :$
      Wah kak Echa orang kedua yg blg aku mirip sama Teh Fifi hihi
      Love! Xx

  4. so beautiful Ina ^^ love the necklace wearing as belt.
    same with you, I've my ied outfit, for the first day, I just wear my not-so new dress, I choose to wear not a new dress because I just wear it once time. :D
    ah, liquid eyeliner! that's why I see your eyes are so sharp. I falied use eyeliner too even though I've tried and tried T_T

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    1. Alhamdulillah.. Thanks a lot kak Ade!
      Then I'm waiting for your post wearing the Eid outfit, okay?
      Draw a line with pencil eyeliner before, so it makes easier, I've tried! ;)
      Love xx

  5. loving the colour combination on this outfit much!!
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  6. cute combination colour !! i love the tosca meet pink

  7. loove your hijab style! so pretty! :)


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