So this is the second post of today hehehe, I'm truly missing blogging sooo much {} and I miss you, my readers..
This is about a wedding of daughter of my Dad's friend. My dad and his friend have been closed since maybe more than 20 years ago. So he has known his friend's daughter since she was a little kid. Her name is Gita Monika. She is a doctor and she's very friendly. His husband also a doctor. So my me and my family--except my sister-- came to the wedding on last Saturday night, June 1st. So here are some pics that I and my lil sister took.

Lots of Love, Ina xoxo

 Welcoming the Groom and Bride

My outfit:
Unbranded scarf -- SugarGallery top -- Sister Hijab skirt -- Lofalosh shoes -- Alnasz tribal scarf -- 
Mom's old clutch

With lil sister, mom and my only one brother xx

Mom and dad are everything xx

Psst I found two little cuties there!

Don't forget the decoration! Uh I felt in love with it, love love love!


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