Me Time


You know how does it feel when your beloved one getting busy and he doesn't have much time for you? Yes, that's what I feel now.
B is on his pra-college time now. Since he was accepted by IPB, he prepared for the registration and so on, until he entered IPB's hostel start from last Tuesday until one year ahead. Ya, the colleger of IPB should stay at the hostel for one year.
I'm thankful to Allah, I hope he and me would be a success person soon, insyaAllah.

We have spent for some days together until the D-1 he went to the hostel. It meant a lot for us, we know that those times couldn't be repeated anymore.. I just can support him, that's what I must do. I didn't forget to told him to bring this and that to the hostel (whereas he lives in a same town where IPB located d his mom works there, so he shouldn't be worry if he forgot something XD).

I also wanna feel that moment, when I prepared my things to be brought to my "soon to be homestay". Well for now I just could pray much to Allah that Allah will gives me the best-est, Aamiin..

Usually I went somewhere was accompanied by B, but now time changes. We just should be more autonomous than before. Ya because we have already maturer.
I got my "Me Time" now, I went to salon to had a facial treatment, watched movie alone, had kebab alone and I keep busy by joining a sewing course. Yes, I think I really need that time when I do everything by myself happily :)

(Please B, don't get mad to me.. I don't mean that I don't need you, of course NO. Okay? I love you!)
Btw, I just watched a movie titled Refrain yesterday. If you have watched it, actually I don't like that kind of love story, but since the novel had been one of the best seller and I like the casts so I have no reason to not watched it even I'm alone :p
And last Saturday, I purchased a pair of shoes from NSBWZ, a local handmade shoes by a young shoe designer, her name is Abil Bawazier from Bogor. You also can purchased some unique shoes through their instagram&twitter: @nsbwz_shoeline Let's support local product!

And ya, this is the end of my long story (You know that I like to share pics more than long story hehehe) pardon my bad English..
See ya, peace!


D-1 before he went to hostel

The background was taken by me yesterday morning with my camera with 16x zoom


  1. Yeah, harus mulai membiasakan diri without him, heheh. Waw, you're coll mam, watching romantic movie by yourself, heheh. Btw really nice captured then :D


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