You only need ONE but she could be EVERYONE.
Our FRIENDSHIP will last FOREVER, Insya Allah

Last night I slept at Thifal's. As usual, I accompanied her at her home because her parents didn't at home yesterday. At around 4.30 pm we went to Surabi Duren to had an afternoon snack. We took some pics there with my tab, I like the light at that place hehe. We looked cute with our pink hijab that we used XD kidding.
And at night we took some random pics again--we never get bored to take pics-- in her house. I just love the color of the wall and the white door, look a bit vintage tone, right?
We laughed, we danced, we recorded some videos..
So, here we are!

Lots of Love, Ina xx

So, this post is the dedicated to --you know who-- Thifal Bungawalie Zahid 


  1. wah forever friendship .selamat ya

  2. could you make the hijab tutorial from the photos above? :)


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