A Girl with Red Wide Skirt

Just an outfit post. I wore this outfit today but without wedges and without this hijab style, just a simple one hehe. This red skirt, I bought at an online shop on instagram called @sisterhijab. You can made your custom size with affordable price! So, grab yours now ;) I also wore my only one wedges by UP named Stella Red.

This afternoon, me and Thifal went to a textile store. At first I wanted to buy a polka dots chiffon fabric but when I was there, I changed my mind and I looked for a black fabric which is gonna be umm wide dress maybe.. Finally I found and bought 2.5 meters black velvet fabric. But I don't know when I'll go to the tailor to make it a real dress. As soon as possible insyaAllah. And after that, we went to McD Juanda for had some afternoon snacks while waiting for the rain stopped.

Happy Tuesday!
Lots of Love, Ina xx

P.S: Ah ya! Today is my lil sister 13th birthday. *singing Happy Birthday song* hahaha. Much wishes for you my dear.. Love from your pretty sister XD just kidding.. I hope you like my gift! Btw, I give her a handmade bracelet.


My May purchased: a 5 cm platform shoes from Lofalosh.