A Piece from Casa Elana


Weekend is coming! Yeah even every day is weekend for me hahaha..
SIMAK UI, yeah it's D-2 :O
Today I received a package from Casa Elana a brand by Fifi Alvianto and friends. Casa Elana just held a Discount Day up to 40% and Alhamdulillah lucky me! I got one piece of skirt named Fir in Cobalt. So this is me wearing that piece plus a tribal scarf worn as top. Happy weekend!


Me Time


You know how does it feel when your beloved one getting busy and he doesn't have much time for you? Yes, that's what I feel now.
B is on his pra-college time now. Since he was accepted by IPB, he prepared for the registration and so on, until he entered IPB's hostel start from last Tuesday until one year ahead. Ya, the colleger of IPB should stay at the hostel for one year.
I'm thankful to Allah, I hope he and me would be a success person soon, insyaAllah.

We have spent for some days together until the D-1 he went to the hostel. It meant a lot for us, we know that those times couldn't be repeated anymore.. I just can support him, that's what I must do. I didn't forget to told him to bring this and that to the hostel (whereas he lives in a same town where IPB located d his mom works there, so he shouldn't be worry if he forgot something XD).

I also wanna feel that moment, when I prepared my things to be brought to my "soon to be homestay". Well for now I just could pray much to Allah that Allah will gives me the best-est, Aamiin..

Usually I went somewhere was accompanied by B, but now time changes. We just should be more autonomous than before. Ya because we have already maturer.
I got my "Me Time" now, I went to salon to had a facial treatment, watched movie alone, had kebab alone and I keep busy by joining a sewing course. Yes, I think I really need that time when I do everything by myself happily :)

(Please B, don't get mad to me.. I don't mean that I don't need you, of course NO. Okay? I love you!)
Btw, I just watched a movie titled Refrain yesterday. If you have watched it, actually I don't like that kind of love story, but since the novel had been one of the best seller and I like the casts so I have no reason to not watched it even I'm alone :p
And last Saturday, I purchased a pair of shoes from NSBWZ, a local handmade shoes by a young shoe designer, her name is Abil Bawazier from Bogor. You also can purchased some unique shoes through their instagram&twitter: @nsbwz_shoeline Let's support local product!

And ya, this is the end of my long story (You know that I like to share pics more than long story hehehe) pardon my bad English..
See ya, peace!


D-1 before he went to hostel

The background was taken by me yesterday morning with my camera with 16x zoom




So, I just faced the SBMPTN for two days--Tuesday&Wednesday-- That was so..............uh I don't know what to say, that was just too difficult :( But I believe that Allah always by my side and will gives me the best :) I believe it.. Ikhtiar-Doa-Tawakkal, that's just could I do :)

And also, these are the pics of my outfit which I wore this two days hahaha I still have a chance to took pics :p Just a shocking pink skirt, shirt and simple wrapped hijab, with my green bag and my nike shoes.
And the last but not least, Alhamdulillah I still have a chance to have some free days before I face the SIMAK UI test on June 30th, wish I have much luck! Aamiin..


Day 1

Day 2

Aren't they cute? :3 Just received it from Mr.B's Mom as our 4th anniversary gift hihihi. Lots of thanks :*
I think I wouldn't eat them, actually they are chocolates :9
And I couldn't believe that B's mom knows that I like this cute things, duck! hihihi


4th Anniversary of You and Me


June 15th 2009-June 15th 2013

You know Mr. B, I couldn't believe that we have been together for 4 years..
You know that it means so so so so much for me. Thank you for being the most loyal, loved, understanding and so on for this past 4 years. I hope this relationship will lead us to the next step and I hope it will last until we-don't-know-when. Aamiin...
I love you to the fullest 

Lots of Love, Ina xx

So this is just the trailer, I couldn't upload the full video, because it's sooo long hehehe
I'm still a beginner so please don't mind if this video is such an amateur...



Play Around


Even we're not a kid anymore, but it's not a mistake if we play around a play ground.. 
Just to have fun and have a nostalgic.

I'm currently love to listening to instrumental songs, like:
Can't Help Falling in Love -- The Piano Guys
Only Hope -- Unknown
Love Theme -- Richard Clayderman
Wedding Song -- Kenny G




You only need ONE but she could be EVERYONE.
Our FRIENDSHIP will last FOREVER, Insya Allah


A Girl with Red Wide Skirt

Just an outfit post. I wore this outfit today but without wedges and without this hijab style, just a simple one hehe. This red skirt, I bought at an online shop on instagram called @sisterhijab. You can made your custom size with affordable price! So, grab yours now ;) I also wore my only one wedges by UP named Stella Red.

This afternoon, me and Thifal went to a textile store. At first I wanted to buy a polka dots chiffon fabric but when I was there, I changed my mind and I looked for a black fabric which is gonna be umm wide dress maybe.. Finally I found and bought 2.5 meters black velvet fabric. But I don't know when I'll go to the tailor to make it a real dress. As soon as possible insyaAllah. And after that, we went to McD Juanda for had some afternoon snacks while waiting for the rain stopped.

Happy Tuesday!
Lots of Love, Ina xx

P.S: Ah ya! Today is my lil sister 13th birthday. *singing Happy Birthday song* hahaha. Much wishes for you my dear.. Love from your pretty sister XD just kidding.. I hope you like my gift! Btw, I give her a handmade bracelet.


My May purchased: a 5 cm platform shoes from Lofalosh.


Two Girls with Their Ice Cream

You don't need an expensive thing to be shared with your beloved one, an ice cream or a cup of coffee would be the best..
-Ina L Siregar-



May Reviews

Hey Welcome, June!
I called this month as "an Unpredictable Month". I dunno why, but that words came to my mind on June 1st. So let's we see what will happen on this June! I hope much joys will accompany my days. And for muslims, less than 2 months, we will have our fasting month or Ramadhan! InsyaAllah we could implement it again with our whole family, Aamiin Allahumma Aamiin :)

So let's back to what happened on May? I've already mentioned about my schedule on May and now I'm gonna share to you the pics. So here they are and enjoy!

Lots of Love, Ina xo