MUSE Market Festival 2013

Ah I miss blogging so much! I think I have so much to tell you but I can't tell you everything because it will be a so-long-post hahaha.
I'm gonna tell you about my journey with my bestie, Thifal on last Saturday -- May 18th 2013--
So, we went to an event called MUSE Market Festival 2013. MUSE (Muslim Urban Sector). It's located in FX Sudirman Mall at Jakarta. It was held from 16-19th of May. And we have a chance to come to there on  Saturday.
You know we don't live at Jakarta. So we should took a bus to went there. It took 1,5 hours to get there. But...................we went from Bogor at 9 and arrived at the mall at 11.30 am hahahaha. We got lost. Yes it's a long story to tell but the main is "We get lost"
Now, this is the time to share to you the pics. So, enjoy!

Lots of Love, Ina

Talkshow, Make over and Hijab Tutorial by SCARF Magazine

Sharing about what we wear today, runway and took a pic.

Talkshow by Fifi Alvianto (LAIQA Magazine) and Dessy (UNILEVER) and hosted by Uul (LAIQA Magazine)

Hanna Faridl

 This is what I wore: Diamond Top (@dekastore -- IG) and Polkadots Scarf (@mooeita_ -- IG)


  1. You looked gorgeous and that festival looked really nice!



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