Floral Wavy Dress

How's your days, ladies?
Uh I have some schedules on this May, let me tell you if you don't mind ;)
May 22nd -- School Graduation Day
May 23rd -- Friend's 18th Birthday
May 24th -- National Exam's Announcement
May 25th -- Attending Hijab Day at Gandaria City Mall
May 28th -- SNMPTN Announcement
I love to keep myself busy but actually I still feel like free everytime and I hate because no one ask me to go somewhere fufu.
I'd like to share to you how those activities going. So, insyaAllah I'll update each on this beloved blog. See you soon!

Lots of Love, Ina xx


  1. uwaah, busy girl here :p. Hope to see you at hijab day :), btw, it's really lovely dress :D !

    1. Plusss May 18th -- Muse Market Fest hihihi
      Yes, I hope so! And thank you dear xo

  2. Hello busy girl <3 Loving ur dress so much Na ! Happy sunday dear sister..

    1. Aah kakak hahaha thank you by the way!
      Happy Wednesday sist :)


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