Simple OOTD

Happy weekend, ladies! What are you doing on this weekend?
I just wanna share my simple outfit of the day (OOTD). I'm wearing my mom's old blouse, Gucci black jeans, Casio watch, random rings, a black mini bag bought from Tajur-Bogor and LOFALOSH shoes.
Bye! Good afternoon xx

Lots of Love, Ina


ARCG's 3rd Hijab Tutorial

Here I post a hijab tutorial again. This one becomes my daily hijab style. I'm trying to wear covered-syar'i-stylish hijab now, insyaAllah. Bismillah o:)

Lots of Love, Ina xx


Welcome Holiday

*Screaming loudly* Alhamdulillah finally I can go back to this world again (read: Blog). I've been through the hectic-exhausted-crazy-stressful weeks and Alhamdulillah I just finished my National Exam and start from now I'm having holiday until I-dunno-when hahaha. And don't forget to pray all the time, I hope I would get the best result then. Amin...
It's not an outfit post, it just some pictures that I took after school. Because maybe today is the last time I wear my Batik uniform, a little bit sad. And I think, this is the first time you see me wearing school uniform, right? Hehehe, sorry if I looked weird. I used to wear
Have a good time and good night xx

Lots of Love, Ina 

By the way, I made my own silhouette using photoshop. Thank you Sabila Anata for sharing the tutorial, you also can see here