Here I am. A girl who is waiting for the National Exam, D-20. It comes closer and closer. And up until now, I still have a time to post something. It doesn't mean that I haven't study or I already have enough preparation, but just to refresh my mind. Anyway, thank you for people who always pray for the best for me, insyaAllah I'll do my best. Ganbatte!
Good night.

Lots of Love, Ina

I just found my mom's old blouse and vest. Vintage enough and I love to find some treasures from my mom's old suitcase in our warehouse. Lucky me!

And the red sweater, B just bought it for me yesterday. He said that this is for my very late birthday gift hehehe. Never mind, dear. I received it with my pleasure. 


  1. cute clothes! i also like to raid my mum's closet... always find treasures in there!

    xoxo jenna

  2. They look cute on you!


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