Palabuhan Ratu

Alhamdulillah I got a time to visit a beach yesterday, after years. My family isn't a typical of family who always go out when weekend or holiday, we prefer stay at home, reminding that there are traffic everywhere. So I enjoyed the time when we played at the beach. And took some pictures definitely :D
But we couldn't play in a long time because the weather was sunny-rainy-sunny-cloudy-rainy, so we went home when the rain fell. We spent 4 hours on our way to there from my home. And spent 6 hours to go back home. So my body getting tired now and I'm still sleepy hahaha.
Just few pictures that I can share, hope you enjoy it! Happy Sunday xx

Lots of Love, Ina

This is the best way when you walk on the beach

Taken by my sister's phone


  1. wah senangnya ,,,,,,main ombak

    outfitnya keren

  2. penuh bunga, love your flower outfit ^^
    My family too, we prefer at home on holiday. but last month finally I went to beach again after half years.

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    1. Bcos I thought that wearing colorful outfit would be suitable for beach time!
      Lucky you! You know, that Bogor is far from the sea huhu

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