It Smells Sweet

First I'm gonna say Alhamdulillah because I just finished the Final Exam and now I just waiting for the last TryOut and face the National Exam. Fyuh less than 3 more weeks. Wish me luck!!
I have a project now, it's call "Fashion Experiment". I ever said on my instagram before, do follow my instagram ;) Actually it's just a mini project, I'd make it based on my hobby, I don't think that it's my passion.. So I hope you'd enjoy it soon xx
About this outfit, yeah this is the story..
Yesterday me and B went (late) lunch at a sushi restaurant, while we were having our meals, rain was falling. When we finished, I said that we should went home at that time bcos the rain wasn't too hard but the sky had already looked dark, it was still at 4.30 pm. After had a little debate, finally he gave up and we went to his home first.
And the main is, he lent me his brown top and I wore it until I slept hehehe. Yes, everyone know that someone would really love to smell your bf/gf's smell, right? So do I.
I mixed it with my same tone trouser and they look like jumpsuit after all.
So here it is!
Happy Sunday

Lots of Love, Ina 

The Outfits:
Brown Top -- Unkl347
Trouser -- Made by tailor
Belt -- Unbranded
Scarf -- SugarGallery Shop


  1. aww... what a cute story Ina ^^
    I agree, I love the smell of my bf clothes too.
    Btw, he never lend me his sweater though I've said that his sweater is too cute to him (so it's should be mine, eh, I mean he should lend me :p)

    Love how you match it with a trouser and the color is same ^^

    have a really good weeks Ina! Good luck with your final exam, fighting!

    visit my little cream button♥ | instagram♥

    1. Hehehe :p
      Yes every girl loves it!
      Hahaha maybe he wants to looked cute in front of you Kak :p
      Yes fighting! Thank you xx


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