Very Late Birthday Post

Long weekend is coming woohooo!!! Totally in love XD
What will you do on this long weekend, ladies?
About this post, like I said on this post, now is the time to share the photos about my last birthday, even now is very very late haha. It wasn't a surprise party, just B and my friends gave me birthday cakes.
So, here it is!
And happy long weekend!

Lots of Love, Ina 

    Sometimes we need to do a silly thing like kids.


Hola, March!

Hola! I'm back after almost a month-lost hahaha. This busyness makes me crazy. Study, assignments, final scores, tests, try out(s) and so on. I hope it will ends as soon as possible. I can't hardly wait for the Final Exam, National Exam and the announcement of National Exam+SNMPTN. Aah!
I hope I'll get my holiday quicker. As quick as my brain works now hahaha.

I get a leisure time now but only for few hours and in the evening I study as usual, insyaAllah. Ganbatte!
The outfit theme is Grey. And accidently my sister bought the same motif like my top hahaha. And by the way Alhamdulillah I got a pair of flat shoes and a pair of sandals.
I took these outfit photos two days ago when I was getting bored. Enjoy!
Keep on work.

Lots of Love, Ina 

 The Outfits:
Grey Stripes Top -- Unbranded
Grey Strips Cardigan -- Sister's
Blue Pants -- Made by Tailor
Grey Shawl -- Such!
Blue Bracelets -- Neon Bracelet
Necklace -- Gift