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Hi, ladies! Oh please I just had a really exhausted week on this beginning of February! At 4th-6th Feb, the 12th grades had a Province's Try Out and even I didn't study hardly but I dunno why I'm so easy-tired now. Therefore, I could fall asleep at 8/9 pm.. And now I have a time to blogging again (Y)

Btw, is the Liebster Award still hot? I hope I'm not left behind XD
I received the Liebster Award(s) from 4 bloggers! Thank you for nominated me! So now I'm gonna do what things that I should do. Because I got four, I will put all of them on one post, don't you mind? I hope you don't..
And thank you for the bloggers: PASTEL on my pantsMy Little Cream ButtonDust in Lolipop and AMOUR 

"Liebster Award" is designed to help promote blog with less than 200 followers.

If you receive it, you must :
-  Tell 11 things about your self,
- Answer 11 questions the nominating blogger asked you,
- Nominate 11 blogger with 200 followers or less and make sure that you notify them,
-  Make 11 new questions for the bloggers you nominated.

Let's we start!
11 Things/Facts About Me :
1) My full name is Ina Lathifah Siregar. Siregar means Batak's (North Sumatra) family name. Many people didn't believe that. They said that my face is more similar with Western or Turkeys.
2) A Red Crown Girl. I got inspired about that blog's name when I bought a red flowers' crown from Inspired by Luce.
3) A hijabers. I've already held Hijab Class twice. And the tutor is me and only me.
4) I love everything related to florals so much!
5) I don't wanna lose my tripod, it's the only thing can help me to take almost all of the pictures of me on this blog.
6) I have a boyfriend and he's twin.
7) I don't have an SLR or DSLR camera but I wish I will get one as soon as possible.
8) I love having fashion items, especially, top&scarf!
9) Eating snacks&having ice cream is my habit.
10) Me and my best friend would go to Japan when our saving reach our goal.
11) An easy-bored person.

11 Questions from PASTEL on my pants:
1. who is the sexiest men you ever knew?
    He should be Oguri Shun XD
2. what do you think about drawing?
    You can pour your imagination on a piece of paper.
3. what you gonna do when you have a year holiday?
    I'd like to take a part time job. And I'll use the salary for having holiday! Beach will be the destination.
4. which one do you prefer, cute boy or tall boy?
    Tall boy.
5. what is the best moment you ever had?
    I said, "Me-time"
6. what is your first thaught when you heard this word -->"single"?
    A person who decided to be single until he/she find the right one.
7. write a word begin with "F"
8. describe your favourite food!
    Every foods that my Mama made.
9. mention one reason why do you answer this question!
    Because I'm nominated and I love to answer question.
10. say something about me!
    I don't know you exactly but I thing you're a nice person!
11. no question for this number (you are free to say anything)
    Thank you for nominated me! And you know, I'm really glad every time I get comments on my post and when my followers increase!

11 Questions from My Little Cream Button:
1. when did you started your blog? And why?
    In 2011. I love fashion-sharing and I adore Diana Rikasari, Dian Pelangi and Indah Nada Puspita, they are the reason why I start to blogging.
2. who inspired you a lot?
    My Mama 
3. what kind of food do you hate?
    Something tasteless.
4. what do you think about people who back stab you?
    Let she/he live their life, so do I.
5. do you have a phobia? what is it?
    Up until now, I think I don't have one.
6. do you like watching cartoon? what did you watch?
    Sometimes. Anything.
7. what's your favorite number? why?
    15. I don't know why, but I love to write it down.
8. what is your charming?
    Just ask to the people near me hahaha
9. what's your hobby but your parent don't like it?
    Show my not-in-the-mood face.
10. do you write in a diary?
    Yes, sometimes.
11. what do you think about my blog? ^^ I'm so curious!
    It's so interesting!

11 Questions from Dust in Lolipop:
1. Do you have a traumatic ? What is it ?
    No, I don't.
2. What is the reason you have a blog?
     I want to express my self through photos and to share about fashion, especially for the hijaber. confident you are with other people?
     Don't trust people too much, you will hurt at certain time.
4. What do you think about announcer?
     They are cool and they also have a good self-confidence, not like me.
5. What do you think after seeing my photos? 
     I love your poses, your outfits and the background of every photos!
6. What do you most want in this world?
     Have a time to go around the world with my special person.
7. what is your ambition?
     ........................ Seriously I'm confused.
8. what your favorite food?
     My Mama made.
9. Do you love to listening the music ?
     Yes, I do.
10. What do you think about me?
      I don't know you exactly but I think you're mature and sweet.
11. what do you think about people who are always selfish?
      Let they live their life.

11 Questions from AMOUR:

1. When did you started your blog? And why?

     In 2011. I love fashion-sharing and I adore Diana Rikasari, Dian Pelangi and Indah Nada Puspita, they are the reason why I start to blogging.

 2. Who is inspired you  ?

     My Mama 

3. What is your hobbies ?

     Having ice cream, having a quality time with my boyfriend&family and spend time for hours in front of the laptop, taking photos and having coffee/cappuccino.

4. Do you like tea or coffee ? Why ?

     Coffee! Because it makes me addicted.     

5. What your favorite food ? 

     My Mama made.

6.  Who is your favorite blogger ? Why ?

     Indah Nada Puspita. She is too inspiring and has a really unique sense of fashion.

7. Flat shoes or High heels ?

     Flat shoes.

8. Paris hijab or shawl ?

     Based on my mood but Shawl maybe.

9.What is your must item for daily style ? why ?

     Watch and bracelet.

10.  what your plans from today to 10 years later?

     Make my wish come true: Study at UNJ/UPI, go to Japan with my best friend, earn my own money as soon as possible, participate at charity event, be a nice teacher and get married.

11.  And the last, what do you think about my blog ?

     Lovely! I love your photos and you fashion sense.

Yeah finally I've answer all the questions! It's the time for me to ask you, ladies!

11 Questions for you whom I nominated:
1) Japan or Korea? Tell me why!
2) If you love fashion, do the people around you think that you're fashionable enough?
3) You will never find a time better than your high school's time. Do you agree with that statement?
4) What is your most favorite fashion item?
5) Who is your favorite blogger? Why you adore her/him?
6) Skirt or pants?
7) Most of your fashion items are branded or unbranded?
8) If you live in Indonesia, what is the must destination for holiday?
9) When you buy fashion items, you need it or want it?
10) Please give me one word to describe my blog!
11) What do you do when Saturday night?

And the Blogs I nominated are..
8) IFA
9) .....
10) .....
11) .....

Congrats for the blog I have nominated! Can't wait for your answers, ladies! Please let me know by leave your comment on this post when you've already answers all my questions. Thank you so much for participate!

Lots of Love,



  1. Thank you Ina for nominated me ^^
    You're the forth. I got another two awards and still not yet post them. Now I still thinking how to post it. One by one or all in one like you did ^^.

    Aww, I like Shun Oguri too since hana yori dango, but I'd choose Matsujun then him XD
    I adore and so inspired by Nada, Kak Diana, and Lucadele too, even before I startrd my blog.

    Good luck with your try out and final exam dear.
    Wish you get your slr soon XD

    Much love,

    my little cream button ♥ | instagram

    1. You're most welcome sist {}
      Hahaha it's up to you sist, I just wait for your answers from all my questions.
      You know Matsujun, so you must be know Arashi, don't you?
      Yes, they are so inspiring!
      Aamiin Ya Allah.. o:)
      Thank you so much!

    2. Aaaaaa Yes ofcourse! Before I being VIP and more love korea, I love japan XD
      Arashi, NEWS, hey say jump,etc from johnny ent ^^ and I like Arashi more than others XD

  2. Awwh I'm so glad. Thanks Ina for nominating me :D. I'll tell you soon if I've finished this pleasure task. Btw good luck for your exam, prepare your self :). We pray for you.

    1. You're welcome, dear! Okay, I'm waiting :)
      Aaw thank you so much pretty! {}


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