Formal Look

How's your Sunday? Where are you going to spend this day? If you ask me, I spend this Sunday only at my home, I feel like I'm so lazy to do activities, except stay in front of the laptop :p
This post will be an outfit post. The theme is "Formal Style". Before I upload the pics, I'd like to tell you a story about my birthday..
Monday, Feb 4th 2013. It was my 17th birthday. But I didn't like to waste much money to have a Sweet 17th Birthday Party like most of teenagers do. Nothing happened on that day, no surprise, no cake, no candle and no gift. It was flat. I was sad at first hahaha. Should I made a personal surprise? Lol. The sadness was lost until my lil sister&brother gave me a gift, and it was a ducks (a toy not the real one). Hahaha I liked ducks before but now, I think I don't know what should I do with those ducks, so I just display them on my book's cupboard.
And I didn't expect that my bf and my friends would gave me a little surprise. And yes it happened yesterday. Feb 9th. It was just D+5 hahahaha but thank you so much for them who made the little surprise willingly :') Thank you for the cakes and gift. You just made my day ({}) I love you, guys!
But sadly, I can't upload the pics now, because the pics still on my friend's camera, so just wait because insyaAllah we're gonna have a little party soon! Can't wait!
I hope you like this post and thank you for people who had birthday greetings and the prays for me 

Lots of Love, Ina 

The Outfits:
Pink&Floral Shawl -- Matahari Dept. Store
Black Long Dress -- Kisa
Pattern Blazer -- Unbranded
Bag -- Charles & Keith
Wedge Boots -- Christian Siriano


  1. Adeeekk... I really love ur blazer :3 So cutee..


  2. Waaw, happy birthday for you, I wish the best for you, be more mature :D.
    Btw, I already participate in liebster award after you nominated me a few days ago, you can check it here

    Have a nice day

  3. Hi here!))
    Amazing black & white outfit!!!)) Nice blog and posts!!!
    Would you like to follow each other????

    So many kisses!

  4. happy sweet 17th Ina ^^
    I love your formal look, black and white, and the shawl makes it perfect!

    I cant wait to see the photos of the surprise XD

    visit my little cream button♥ | instagram♥

  5. Great Blog!

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC?

  6. Loving your boots!<3 great outfit! :)



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