When Day Ends with "Mixed" Feelings

Happy, sick, sad, confused, stress and the most of all is TIRED. Yes those feelings can describe how my each days end. But happy always be the number 1 :)
Maybe only 85 days more to have a National Exam, I'm (not) excited! Hahaha. But 85 more days mean that we only have 85 days more to be classmates, right? That's what I've been said to my friends and they were touched by that words, so do I :')
So how's your days go?
And the thing that makes me excited is February will come! What will happen on February? You will know soon, InsyaAllah XD
Btw, don't forget to pray for the capital city of Indonesia -Jakarta- which is look like a pool now, yes that's because of the flood, poor them :( #PrayForJakarta May Allah always safe you all! Warm hug! ({})

Lots of Love, Ina 

The Outfits:
Fifi Lapin Scarf in Tosca by MOOIETA
Long Dress in Black by BG WARDROBE
Peace Bracelets Set by CROPSHOP
NU Love Black Heels by LOFALOSH


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