Rainy Outfit

Hi everyone, my Mom's birthday almost comes and I still confused what to give to her, do you have any idea? An extraordinary with low prices maybe hehehe
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These days, rain always come everyday but Alhamdulillah the sun shines almost every morning now, not for last week, the sky always looked gloomy. So this outfit maybe could inspire you, what to wear on rainy season but still look stylish. And see ya!

Lots of Love, Ina 

The outfits:
Dark Brown Poncho -- Puncak
Black jeans -- Gucci
Pattern Scarf -- Tn. Abang
Boots Wedges -- Christian Siriano for Payless


  1. Turban style!! So edgy Ina ^^
    And hmmm, here in my hometown also rain everyday... :( the weather is so cold too.. I wear jacket everywhere..

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