Lovely Times with The Lovely One

Happy Monday, ladies! Well, honestly I need more Sunday(s).
On last Saturday, there was an event at my school called Campus Fair. There were 14 campus include PTN and PTS. Uh, I felt so confused about the colleges which I'm gonna choose for the SBMPTN choices up until now X_X. I just ask and pray to Allah what's the best for me. I believe that Allah will shows me to the right one, Aamiin Ya Rabb O:)
After I attended the Campus Fair, I asked B to accompany me for lunch. We were having sushi at Sushinest, the first time for us having sushi, lol. We spent 3 hours together and after that we went home earlier because the sky were gloomy. And this was the outfits that I wore. It was pastel! 
Me and B also had a lovely Sunday afternoon 

Lots of Love, Ina 

The Outfits:
Cream Lace Top -- Annisa
Pink Blazer -- Sister's
Scarf -- Sugar Gallery
Flat Shoes -- Yongki Komaladi
Bag -- Tajur
Watch -- Casio
Peace Bracelets in pink&blue -- Crop Shop
Black Trouser -- Gucci


  1. Beautiful you, Ina <3


  2. I love your lace dress damn much! <3

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  3. So beautiful Ina! its quality time, right?^^
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  4. The colors you've chosen made this look so feminine!
    I love it!

    Would you like to follow each other ?;)

    check out my new outfit post for the first day of Feb! <3

    Patricia Erica.

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