Holiday Part 3: Hometown (1)

2013 is coming and I just wanna say, Happy New Year!
2012 has given me much lesson. And since 2012 I've posted many blog post and how I love to do this activity.I find new friends from different town and country. And up until now, I have 80 followers now, even it's just a little number but it's really meant for me. Thank you!
I didn't have a special party to celebrate the new year eve. Because on Dec 31st, me and my family just arrived at our hometown, --and we still right here-- Even we went to here by plane, but I dunno why I felt soo tired on that day. So when I closed my eyes at night, I slept until morning and I didn't hear anything when the time appointed to 00.00 hahaha. But that's good.
This is the outfit post what I wore.
May Allah always bless us on this year and I hope this year will be Berkah. Amin.

Lots of Love, Ina

What I wore when I went here

On the 2nd day

with mommy!